About Melody

Melody was born in Las Vegas Nevada, and lived in Henderson with her family until she was 8 years old. Her father was a known political mind in the community and worked for the Nevada Traffic Division until an injury forced him into early retirement. Because he was also injured in Viet Nam, he was unable to lead a normal life, leading them to have to find a new life and cheaper way to live. The family moved to Forks Washington when Melody was 8 and moving to a small town of around 3000 people means you stand out....especially when you're Mormon.  
Melody's mom was always a singer but had stopped performing years before she was born. Her father was a fan of Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, and Patsy Cline so she grew up listening to her father's 8 tracks that included such artists. In Forks, there was one radio station. Country. Between the two, she started singing along. She didn't have any instruments to play and write until she was 12 when her Great-Grandmother left her Baby Grand Piano to the family. Melody began taking lessons and eventually started writing songs.
She wrote her first notable song, 'Words' at age 14 and learned a large array of classical music. Performing on rare occasions at church was the only time she would let anyone hear her sing. Much of her family and friends tried to encourage her but she was frequently bullied and teased by her school mates for being different and the 'outsider'. Her fear stopped her from playing for her friends until she moved to Utah with her family. Due to financial problems, they lost all their belongings including the piano and Melody was back at square one.
The family moved in and out of hotels in Logan Utah for over a year and when money ran out, they moved in with family in Henderson Nevada for a few months. Melody's cousin had a husband whose twin brother performed frequently with him. She began bonding with him about music and learning a bit about performing. He generously gave her a guitar and she began learning how to play from the back of a green Mormon hymn book. Using the finger charts, and playing songs she knew, she got the basics down and now had a release. Quietly, she would sit in a room and play but was still too scared to play for anyone. Melody's father moved the family back to Logan where they lived in a one bedroom hotel room with a kitchen.
She enrolled in school after a year of traveling and no education and started making friends. Her family spend a few months in this hotel sharing a two bedroom set up in the living room with her sister, mom, and dad, and her grandmother in the bedroom. Thanksgiving and Christmas went by and she began writing songs again. Her cousin’s husband helped her to move 'Words' to guitar chords from piano and she realized she could write again.
Melody met a girl in high school that sluffed classes to sit in the hallway to play music. She obviously was drawn to joining her and learned about artists like Bread, Bob Dylan, and her biggest influence, Sara McLaughlin. Her musical style now seemed clearer. Melody started singing in front of people including trying out for musical theater and singing at a few talent shows. Her senior year of High School Melody began a Sunday evening meet at the local Senior Assisted Living home in Logan where she gathered volunteers to go visit and sing to her friend Verla Noble she had met volunteering at the hospital months before. As time went on, her friends began showing up early to have Melody sing for them before going to play for Verla. This encouraged her to be more open to singing in public but didn't drive her to perform.....yet. 
Years went by and she wrote here and there, sometimes she'd share the songs other time she wouldn't. She performed at a few open mics, but rarely, and eventually moved back to Washington to do Sales. While there, American Idol came through Seattle and Melody decided it was time to try something. She tried out but wasn't selected out of the gate and walked away happy she'd tried.
One day, on the way back from work, she was listening to a song on the radio and staring out the window. She watched the road fly by on the side of the car and thought about her life and what she had accomplished. The answer was quick and easy and she realized she was letting her fear hold her back and it was time to move forward before she regretted it.
Within a month, she moved back to Utah and began playing open mics more regularly while she figured out how to go about chasing her dream. She met Tyler Forsberg and began jamming with him. His percussive style of guitar was perfect for her style of music and they began playing and encouraging each other eventually leading them to date. They moved to Salt Lake City for work and began booking actual shows at places like Burt’s Tiki Lounge and Sugarhouse Coffee. They took turns opening for each other and learning the ropes.
One night at a bar show at Liquid Joes, they heard a talented singer and realized there was no one there to hear her. It was the beginning of a new project they called 'The Acoustic All-Stars Music Festival'. It began in Park City and went for two nights. Booking mostly local artists they promoted a brotherly concept of sharing ideas, gigs, and music with other peers and the only rule was that all performances had to be acoustic. As years went by, the location changed, the festival went up to three days, the artists were sometimes different and many came back, but the message was always the same. Sharing talent, Ideas, and no backbiting can make for a stronger music scene.
Melody Released a Solo EP, and eventually she and Tyler began performing together first under the name Melody with Tyler Forsberg and eventually as Melody & Tyler. They traveled to California and recorded a 3 song single 'bleeding out' with Marc Cooper at Coop Deville Records, and then eventually recorded a full length album in their home 'Breaking and Bending'.
5 years, many magazine articles, awards, features, and honors together including 4 tours, Melody & Tyler broke up and went their separate ways. Melody recorded a 3 song Single 'The Best Way to Break a Heart' and released it in June. She performed on the Main stage at Groovefest in Cedar City with Steven Swift, and was honored with the opening slot at the prestigious Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City to open the IAMA Folk and Bluegrass Festival featuring Justin Townes Earl.
Melody has sang on several of her friends albums including Whitney Blayne, Brian Bingham, Randy Herron, B-Side, and had Mad Max featured on her song Love & Heroin.
Melody is an activist for Gay Rights and has a song and video called 'The Devil in Me' coming out soon based on the prejudice we all see in our everyday lives and based on her good friend Katie. Katie's dealings with her family's inability to accept Katie's Transgender status was a subject of many of her blogs and Melody felt the desire to represent the other side. Melody comes from a religious family and no longer is active in church but believes in the basic teaching that we aren't here to judge. The video and song began as a tribute to the LGBT community. 
Melody has booked and completed 8 tours in her career including one month long tour in 2013 across the Midwest. She has also released 3 solo albums and 4 music videos, mainly with Unknown Prophet Pictures.  Her most recent video is based on a song she wrote in 2013, loosely based on a relationship that left her in turmoil. The video addresses domestic violence and how it slowly starts but can end in tragedy or pain. In hopes that someone who needs help sees it, Melody interviews after and shares a hotline for help.
Though Melody believes in hard work, school, and training where possible, her life has always been far from privileged and strives to be a role model for anyone with dreams to show that you can do anything if you really believe in it.
From a bullied depressed child, to an insecure teenager with no understanding of security, she’s moved forward focusing on music as a release and a way to show everyone that a little heart goes a long way and no amount of money or privilege can replace a true love of a passion. Melody’s greatest goal in life is to look back and know that she did what she loved and was willing to give up luxuries and even a normal life to get there. If you believe in betting, she’s one to bet on for great things.
Most recently, Melody has won the Best of State award five years in a row (2015, and 2019) for Individual Vocalist. Best of State is given to those in the community who strive to add to their particular field, create a better environment, and work hard on their own accomplishments. Melody is proud to have won and is excited for the years ahead.